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Males and females have fore wing truncate at apex; termen angulated at interspace 5, and again at apex of vein 3, concave between; tornus obtusely angulate. Hind wing: termen more or less deeply scalloped. Male upperside ochraceous rufous ; a prominent white small subcostal spot before apex of fore wing; two or three dark brown marks in cell of both fore and hind wings, followed by subbasal, discal, two postdiscal, subterminal and terminal slender sinuous dark brown lines, crossing from costa of fore to vein 1 of hind wing; discocellular nervules of both wings defined by short dark brown lines ; cilia white, alternated with brown. Underside : ground-colour similar, but with a tint of brown. Fore and hind wings: some dark chestnut-brown spots or loop-like marks at base, followed by subbasal, discal and postdiscal broad chestnut-brown sinuous bands, interrupted on the fore wing by the sex-mark of specialized scales described below ; the postdiscal band on the hind wing traversed by a series of transverse dark spots in the interspaces. Lastly, both wings crossed by a subterminal zigzag, and a terminal, irregularly sinuous, dark brown line.


Angled Castor, Sinhagad Forest Area
Angled Castor @ Papillon Butterfly Garden, Pune, Maharashtra
Angled Castor @ Papillon Butterfly Garden, Pune, Maharashtra

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