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Baronet is widely found in India and Sri Lanka . In India its distribution ranges from Lower Himalayas to Southern India.

The male and the female both have tawny yellow upperside.The forewing has traverse black line below apex cell and a oval spot beyond encircling a small yellow spot, a broad short oblique discal bar and an angulated postdiscal lunular band , the costa narrowly and the termen shaded with black. Hind wing: a comparatively large triangular patch below the middle of the costa, a postdiscal evenly-curved series of spots and a broad band along the termen black.

The Larva is light green color with the purple spots on the dorsal .The sides of the larva contain row of ten horizontal spines covered with fine green hair. The Pupa is short broad and triangular.It is green in color and has gold spots and lines.


Baronet @ Nandivali, Mulshi, Maharashtra
Baronet UN