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The Common Pierrot is a small butterfly found in South Asia

Upperside is mainly white. Forewing has the costa, apex and termen edged with black, the edging much broader on apex and termen; base outwards for a short distance more or less densely overlaid. with metallic blue scales which cover and make indistinct a large basal outwardly clavate black spot; a transverse black oval spot on the discocellulars touching the black edging on the costa ; an oblique irregular line of four quadrate black spots beyond, the upper spot coalesced with the black on the costal border, the next spot below shifted outwards out of line, touching, as does also the lowest spot, the terminal black edging; posterior to this is a quadrate black spot in the apical half of interspace 2, and placed obliquely outwards from 1b coalescent with the terminal black border, another similar spot in interspace


Common Pierrot, Sinhagad Forest Area
Common Pierrot
Common Pierrot

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