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Neptis hylas found in throughout continental India, Sri Lanka, Assam, Myanmar, extending to China and Indomalaya. It has a characteristic stiff gliding flight achieved by short and shallow wingbeats just above the horizontal.

Dry-season form - Upperside black, with pure white markings. Fore wing discoidal streak clavate, apically truncate, subapically either notched or sometimes indistinctly divided; triangular spot beyond broad, well-defined, acute at apex, but not elongate ; discal series of spots separate, not connate, each about twice as long as broad; postdiscal transverse series of small spots incomplete, but some are always present. Hind wing: subbasal band of even or nearly oven width ; discal and subterminal pale lines obscure; postdiscal series of spots well separated, quadrate or subquadrate, very seldom narrow. Underside from pale golden ochraceous to dark ochraceous almost chocolate ; white markings as on the upperside, but broader and defined in black.


Common Sailer @ Nandivali, Mulshi, Maharashtra
Common Sailer, Kelshi
Common Sailer, Kelshi

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