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The Common Treebrown is a species of "Brown" butterfly [Subfamily of Brush-footed] found in Asia.

Males and females: Upperside vandyke-brown, slightly darker, especially in the female, towards apex of fore wing.

Male. Fore wing: a costal and two preapical spots white. Hind wing: the ocelli of the underside showing through, sometimes forming two or three obscure black spots ; two slender subterminal black lines. Underside paler, shaded with dark brown. Pore wing: narrow subbasal and outer cellular transverse sinuous white lines ; an irregular broad discal and a narrower postdiscal band white, forming a V, the latter bearing a series of four blind, dusky-black, fulvous-ringed ocelli; the two preapical white spots as on the upperside. distinct slender subterminal whitish and broader terminal ochraceous lines. Hind wing: a subbasal transverse sinuous white line; a postdiscal arched series of six black ocelli, their centres disintegrated, their inner ring ochraceous, outer brown, and the whole series bordered inwardly and outwardly by lilacine white lines; finally a slender white subterminal and a broader ochraceous terminal line as on the fore wing.

Female Upperside differs in having a broad, oblique, white, discal band on the fore wing and a spot below its posterior end in interspace 1, the inner border of the band bi-emarginate, the outer irregularly sinuous.. Underside as in the male, but the markings more pronounced, the white discal band on fore wing very prominent. Antennae, head, thorax and abdomen brown; antennae preapically black, at apex ochraceous.


Common Treebrown, Sinhagad Forest Area
Common Treebrown

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