Common Wanderer

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Upperside: ground-colour a clear pale blue of a much deeper tint; all the veins defined with black. Fore wing: costa broadly, apex and terminal margin very broadly black. Hind wing: dorsal and costal margins broadly whitish: terminal margin broadly black, especially at apex, the black area covered, except at the tornus, with specialised opaque-looking scales. Underside: paler blue, the terminal margins of the wings obscurely fuscous. Fore wing: the veins more or less broadly bordered with black. Hind wing: the subcostal vein and veins 6, 7, and 8 broadly, the rest of the veins very narrowly edged with black; a very fine black line in interspace 1.


Female Common Wanderer
Male Common Wanderer
Underwings of Common Wanderer, Kelshi

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