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Upperside, fore wing: costal margin up to a line through the anterior half of the cell to the apex of the wing and the terminal margin broadly black; the medial portion of the wing pale hyaline greenish-yellow interrupted anteriorly by the following irregular black bands that join the black on the costa to the black on the termen:-a band across middle of cell and along vein 4, another at apex of cell and along vein 5, and two shorter and more oblique nearer the apex of the wing; the hyaline spot left close to the apex much smaller than those below; lastly, a pale subterminal, somewhat obscure broad line. Hind wing: an even black band along the dorsum in continuation of the black on the costal margin of the fore wing, joined below to a very broad black band on the terminal margin ; the remaining triangular medial portion of the wing and a transverse subterminal series of large spots hyaline greenish-yellow; the dorsal margin of the wing with long soft pale hairs and touches of grey scaling on the tornal area.


Glassy Bluebottle, Nainital

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