Indian Tortoiseshell

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Upperside of forewings with the basal half of costa and termen pale brown, the former flecked with pale yellow, the latter bordered inwardly by a narrow darker brown band bearing a series of black lunules; outwardly traversed by sinuous slender subterminal and more slender terminal black lines. Hindwing has the basal half dusky brown, covered posteriorly with long brown hairs ; anteriorly beyond the bases of veins 5, 6 and 7 black, followed by a broad red band anteriorly turning to yellow; a broad terminal brown band, traversed by a series of black-bordered blue lunules, and beyond them by very slender inner and outer black sinuous lines. Underside brown, with closely set transverse short black striae; basal half of wings clouded with dark purplish brown, the outer margin of the dark portion defined by a highly sinuous jet-black transverse line, most distinct on the hind wing, and also crossed, nearer the base of the wings, by two or three similar, much interrupted lines ; terminal half of the wings paler, with two dark irregular patches below costa of fore wing ; finally a sinuous transverse subterminal narrow dark blue band across both fore and hind wings, bordered on both sides by slender black lines, widening into spots on the veins of the fore wing. This band is more distinct in the female than in the male.


Indian Tortoiseshell