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The rustic is a species of brush-footed butterfly found in forested areas of tropical South Asia and Southeast Asia.

The upper side of the butterfly is ochraceous light brown.

Its fore-wing displays some loop-like, slender, dark cellular markings with a broad, somewhat curved, transverse yellow discal band from costa to vein 1, not reaching the termen, broadening posteriorly.

The hind-wing features a transverse sinuous and very slender black line, followed by a slender and somewhat lunular line, a transverse discal series of five black spots in interspaces 2 to 6, a postdiscal medially disjointed series or broad black lunules, a subterminal series of similar but straighter lunules, and a narrow terminal black band.

The underside of the wing is much paler. The discal band on the fore wing is also much paler, the black on the apical area replaced by pale brownish ochraceous; there are some obscure marking in the cells of both the fore and hind-wings.


Rustic, Kelshi

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