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Swallowtail butterflies are large, colorful butterflies. There are over 550 species, and though the majority are tropical, members of the family are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Birdwings are butterflies native to the Indian Subcontinent, mainland and archipelagic Southeast Asia and Australasia. Roughly it has 30 and 40 different species. Birdwings are named for their exceptional size, angular wings, and birdlike flight.


Blue Mormon

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Males have the upper wings rich velvety black. The fore wing has a postdiscal band composed of internervular broad blue streaks gradually shortened and obsolescent anteriorly, not extended beyond interspace 6. The hindwing has the terminal three-fourths beyond a line crossing the apical third of the cell pale blue, or greyish blue, with superposed postdiscal, subterminal and terminal series of black spots—the postdiscal spots elongate, inwardly conical; the subterminal oval, placed in the interspaces, the terminal irregular, placed along the apices of the veins and anteriorly coalescing more or less with the subterminal spots.

Common Birdwing

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The Common Birdwing is a beautiful and large butterfly belonging to the Swallowtail. It is often found in the wildlife trade due to its popularity with butterfly collectors.

Upperside of forewings are rich velvety black with adnervular pale streaks on either side of the veins beyond the cell. The cilia is short, black, alternated with pale buffy white in the middle of the interspaces. It is the largest butterfly to be found in India. It is widely distributed and locally common in forest areas.

Common Bluebottle

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Common bluebottle is a species of swallowtail butterfly, that is found in South and Southeast Asia, as well as eastern Australia. There are approximately sixteen subspecies with differing geographical distributions.

Upperside opaque black. Forewings and hindwings crossed from above the tornal area on the hindwing to near the apex of the forewing by a semi-hyaline broad pale blue medial band which is broadest in the middle, more or less greenish and macular anteriorly; the portion of the band that crosses interspaces 6, 7 and 8 on the hindwing white; beyond the band on the hindwing there is a sub-terminal line of blue slender lunules. Underside similar, ground colour dark brown.

Common Jay

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HW has short tails. Overall black, with pale blue, partially transparent and has a series of bluish-green spots. UN brown with blue band paler and few red spots.

Common Lime

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The Common Lime is a common and widespread swallowtail butterfly. Unlike most swallowtail butterflies, it does not have a prominent tail. It has a wingspan 80–100 mm.

Above, the background colour is black. A broad, irregular yellow band is found on the wings above, which is broken in the case of the forewing. Besides this the butterfly has a large number of irregular spots on the wing. The upper hindwing has a red tornal spot with blue edging around it.

Common Mime

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Tailless, occurs in two forms. Form clytia, rich velvety dark brown on upper side with cream markings. UPH is present with a central series of elongated arrowhead streaks, submarginal series of crescents and narrow yellow/white terminal spots. In form of dissimilis, upper ground color black with creamy white broad stripes. Both forms recognized by prominent yellow marginal spots on UNH.

Common Mormon

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The Common Mormon is widely distributed across Asia. It is a jet black butterfly with row of white spots along the middle part of hindwing. 90–100 mm.

It is a dark-coloured swallow-tailed butterfly. The upper forewing has a series of white spots decreasing in size towards the apex. The upper hindwing has a complete discal band of elongated white spots. It may or may not have marginal red crescents. The males are generally smaller in size than the females but not always.

Common Rose

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Common rose is a swallowtail butterfly. It is very common almost all over the plains of India, and is not threatened as a species. During and after the monsoon it is extremely abundant.

Crimson Rose

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Crimson Rose is a large swallowtail butterfly. It is found in India and Sri Lanka and possibly the coast of western Myanmar.

Male Upperside black. Fore wing with a broad white interrupted band from the subcostal nervure opposite the origin of veins 10 and 11, extended obliquely to the tornus, and a second short pre-apical similar band; both bands composed of detached irregularly indented broad streaks in the interspaces. Hind wing with a diseal posteriorly strongly curved series of seven crimson spots followed by a subterminal series of crimson lunules. Cilia black alternated with white. Underside: fore whig dull brownish black, hind wing black; markings as on the npporsido, but the crimson spots and crescentic markings on the hind wing larger. Antennae, thorax and abdomen abovo at base, black; head and rest of the abdomen bright crimson; beneath: iho palpi, the sides of the thorax and abdomen crimson.

Glassy Bluebottle

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Upperside, fore wing: costal margin up to a line through the anterior half of the cell to the apex of the wing and the terminal margin broadly black; the medial portion of the wing pale hyaline greenish-yellow interrupted anteriorly by the following irregular black bands that join the black on the costa to the black on the termen:-a band across middle of cell and along vein 4, another at apex of cell and along vein 5, and two shorter and more oblique nearer the apex of the wing; the hyaline spot left close to the apex much smaller than those below; lastly, a pale subterminal, somewhat obscure broad line. Hind wing: an even black band along the dorsum in continuation of the black on the costal margin of the fore wing, joined below to a very broad black band on the terminal margin ; the remaining triangular medial portion of the wing and a transverse subterminal series of large spots hyaline greenish-yellow; the dorsal margin of the wing with long soft pale hairs and touches of grey scaling on the tornal area.

Malabar Raven

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Paris Peacock

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Red Helen

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Sahyadri Birdwing

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Spot Swordtail

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Whitish butterfly with broad, white-spotted brown margins on UN of both wings, along with other bands. UNH has series of prominent central red spots. Long, sword-like tailed HW.

Tailed Jay

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The Tailed Jay is a predominantly green and black tropical butterfly that belongs to the swallowtail family. It is a common, nonthreatened species native to India, Sri Lanka through Southeast Asia and Australia. Several geographic races are recognized.

Male upperside black. Forewing with the following green markings: a spot at the extreme base of the costal margin, a transverse short bar near base of cell and seven spots beyond, two and two except the apical spot which is single ; two spots beyond apex of cell; a spot at base of interspaces 1a and 1, followed by two oblique short macular bands; a discal series of spots decreasing in size towards the costa, and a postdiscal series of smaller spots that begins with two in interspace 1; the spots in interspace 7 in both series are out of line, placed outwards. Hind wing: three series of similarly-coloured markings that ran transversely across the wing more or less parallel to the dorsal margin, the upper markings white; a short greenish stripe at the extreme base of the wing.

White Dragontail

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