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Atlas Moth

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Common Tiger

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The wingspan is 75 to 95 mm. Both sexes of the butterfly have tawny wings with veins marked with broad black bands. The underside of the wings resembles the upperside but is paler in colouration. The male Common Tiger has a prominent black-and-white spot on the underside of the hindwing.

Grey Count

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Common Mormon

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The Common Mormon is widely distributed across Asia. It is a jet black butterfly with row of white spots along the middle part of hindwing. 90–100 mm.

It is a dark-coloured swallow-tailed butterfly. The upper forewing has a series of white spots decreasing in size towards the apex. The upper hindwing has a complete discal band of elongated white spots. It may or may not have marginal red crescents. The males are generally smaller in size than the females but not always.

Common Imperial

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Red Helen

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Redspot Duke

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