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The Yellow Pansy is usually seen in open scrub and grassland habitats. The male upperside is bright yellow. The costa of the forewing has a broad triangular jet-black projection downwards at the discocellulars, and the dorsum has a triangular projection upwards near the tornus; this black margin narrows near the middle of the termen and bears on the apex two short transverse preapical white streaks crossed by the black veins. Below these is an obscure ocellus that is sometimes absent. The anterior half and the terminal margin of the hind wing is black, and the dorsum is broadly shaded with brown while the anterior black area has a large brilliant blue spot. The cilia of both fore and hind wings are white alternated with brown.

The larva has a Ground-color dark brown or grey with a broad dorsal stripe formed of minute white and blue spots, spines black. The pupa is dull reddish, with an obtuse head in front. The thorax is dorsally convex and the abdomen has a dorsal and lateral row of small blackish points.


Yellow Pansy, Tata Dam
Female Yellow Pansy, Kaas Plateau

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